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How it Works

Improve Credit: 4 Steps

Introducing the next generation of credit repair. It’s just unconventional. Simple. Smarter. Better. Easier.

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We help you Access your Credit Report For Free!

Allows you to see your credit via one of the Most Popular and Detailed Report Sites

Live Credit Report Data! You get to see everything that is currrently on your credit report



Free Credit Consultation, Evaluation, and Credit Audit!

Our AI Custome Software evaluates your credit report within MINUTES

  • We Identify ALL the factors affecting your credit score.
  • We Identify any areas where you're lacking credit and help you build!
  • We Identify All Errors on your credit report and Inconsistent Data.
  • We compile a DETAILED Credit Audit which puts ALL the collected Data onto an Easy Read PDF so you can fully understand your credit report without having to go through it yourself.
  • An Experienced Senior Consultant will go over the consultation in detail with you for FREE to allow you to Ask any questions you may have.


We Build your CUSTOMIZED Disputes and use EFFECTIVE Methods to Streamline the Process.

  • Our Attorney based disputes provide an effective tactic sent directly to the Credit Bureaus, Original Creditors, and Collection agencies.
  • All Disputes we generate are customized. We do not use Traditional Dispute Methods such as only Mail; we utilize more effective means of delivery such as Expedited Mail, Fax, and Email to deliver the dispute letters to better GUARANTEE an effective result.
  • We use our AI technology to streamline this process, eliminating human error and providing you with a Sense of extra Security and Expedited Results.


We Provide you Results!

  • You receive an EASY to READ CUSTOMIZED Progress Report of your monthly results.
  • We also provide you with credit score enhancement strategies to help you boost your scores even more!
  • We help you prepare your credit to be PURCHASE Ready which means getting you set up to be pre-approved to use your credit for things like a New Home, Car, or even a personal or Business Loan.